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Today's guest comic is a look into the psyche of our captain, Amaya. It was created by the gifted artist Jessica Heberle. Check out Jessica's work on her blog at




Today's guest strip is by K. Stauffie. Stauff is an up and coming comic book artist working on several major projects. You'll notice that Glover is alive in this strip, on the CH-9 and it's to be continued. That's because Stauff has agreed to do several strips in an alternate universe over the coming weeks. As he finishes them, they will be appearing in place of Hellcats Cosmos. 

Come back on Monday for the first installment in the next year of Cosmic Hellcats Adventures.


Today's comic is brought to you by General Sui'ggiy of the High Rigellian Army. As you know, Swiggy is currently being held captive (err, I mean as a pet) by Jessi and as such currently has no active website for us to link to.


Today's Cosmic Hellcats Guest strip brought to you by Arne and Jens of Union of Heroes. Check them out for more great photocomic action


This is the final comic of the first Cosmic Hellcats guest week. This time brought to you by Sayla Marz. Thank you to all of our guest artists for the last three strips. Max and Mav will return with new strips in an all new direction on Monday. Hope to see you then!


This is the second comic of Cosmic Hellcats Guest Week. All this week we are featuring comics staring the Hellcats by a some of our artist friends, while Max and Mav prepare for the next big storyline. Today's comic is brought to you by�?? Stephen Poff.


This is the first comic of Cosmic Hellcats Guest Week. Before we start the next storyline, we'll be featuring a few comics staring the Hellcats by a couple of artist friends of ours and fans of the storyline, while Max and Mav prepare for the next arc. Today's comic is by Helder Silva.

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